Sunday, March 27, 2011

Then and Now

I wanted to put this up, coz it kind of made me giggle a little.

When i was working on the Dangerous Divas set, I had a few moments where i had absolutely NO idea of what to draw.  There had been a number of cards i had done previously on the Marvel Masterpieces 3 set, that i just was NOT happy with how they turned out (there are a few in the Dangerous Divas set as well), so i decided to do something sort of selfish, and redraw a few of those cards i had done previously.

Here are the results, and as i had said, they made me giggle:

Now mind you, when i did the Masterpieces set, that was before i had switched over to Copic markers (actually, it was the impetus behind it).  I used my ancient set of Trias when i worked on it, half of which decided to stage overly dramatic deaths during the process.  That's why there's not a lot of color depth in most of the cards.

Still though.... it's heartening for me to see that i haven't stagnated artistically as much as i thought i had.  I still have a long ways to go though =)

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